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Contact/FAQ: To contact us, please use the web form to the right, after first reviewing common questions/answers below to see if your question is already answered. How to email or call us.
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Q: Do you recommend trip cancellation insurance and how do we get it? Yes. Visit Trip Insurance for details.

Q: What is your pet policy? We allow well-behaved dogs of any size and their well-behaved human companions.

Q: How do we book a reservation? Call us at 1-603-524-4000 (8am-5pm ET only). If you have any questions, use the web form to the right, or email or call us.

Q: What are the check in/out times? Check in is 4:00 PM ET the day of your arrival. Check out is 10:00 AM ET the day of your departure. Review Sample Lease

Q: Why do you request a phone call instead of doing online booking? We want to get to know the folks who stay in our homes a little. Our houses are designed to be comfortable and we want them to be taken care of. Each of them holds some of our family antiques -- meant to be used and enjoyed, but not abused. This home is very much a labor of love for us. We stay in each vacation home anywhere from 6 weeks to 5 months a year, depending upon the house. We want our guests to feel like they are using the vacation home of a friend.

Q: Why do you ask for a check for your final payment? To help us keep rental rates for you as low as possible.

Q: What airports are nearby? info available on St.Simons page

Q: How is Saint Simons connected to the mainland? info available on St.Simons page

Q: What about the pool across the street? Will it be open when I am there? Where else can I swim, other than the ocean? The new fun zone pool park is directly across the street from the house. In 2010, it opened May 1st for weekends and then every day starting May 27 for the rest of the summer. Hours typically are 11-7 Mon-Sat and 1-7 on Sun. However, the county may changes hours at any time. As the pool is run by the county we can make no guarantees and recommend that you visit the county web site.
There are year round pool and workout facilities as well as massages at "The Club" (a health/fitness club). They are located just under 3 miles from the cottage. They offer daily, weekly, monthly rates and passes. Call them at (912) 638-5600 for current availability and rates. Many guests get passes to this center and are very happy with them.
Q: Where can I play tennis? There are public tennis courts two blocks inland from the house in the park (which are illuminated at night).

Q: What is the beach like on the island? info available on St.Simons page

Q: Driving Directions info available on St.Simons page

Q: Do you offer rental car discounts? Yes. Visit Idyll Rental Car Discounts for details.

Q: Do you know of any good pet friendly hotels on I-95 as we travel to and from your vacation homes? Yes. Visit Where to say on I-95 for details.

Q: Where are the best places on I-95 to buy inexpensive gas? Please visit our I-95 guide for details.

Q: What about my dog on the beach? There are four main beach areas. They are all one long beach at low tide, but broken up by the ocean at high tide.
  1. To the right of the Pier, towards the mainland, by the Sea Island Golf Courses (1 block from the house)
  2. In front of the house is the Pier Beach Area up to....
  3. About a mile straight down the road is Massengale Beach. Bathrooms Shaded Parking walkover, picnic areas beach at high tide
  4. East Beach/Coast Guard Station. Two miles straight down the road to the end of the island. Bathrooms, Parking, Walkover; beach at high tide; Doggie people favorite
The beaches on St Simons are dog friendly. During the summer (Memorial Day through Labor Day) dogs are not permitted on the section of beach to the north of the pier beaches from 9am to 6pm -- which means you CAN have the dog on that beach before 9am and after 6pm. Other times of the year, there are no time restrictions. The other way to look at is, to the landward (western) side of the pier, there are no time restrictions for the dogs, 365 days a year...

Q: Cancellation Policies We are a small family owned vacation rental company. Every guest reservation is both important and special to us. You may cancel your reservation more than 90 days from your arrival date and we will refund your deposit, minus a lease specified cancellation fee. If you cancel your reservation 90 days or less from your arrival date or check out early, please understand that you are responsible for, and will be billed for, your entire reservation. If we rebook your time, a full or partial refund will be made.

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